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With custom care from the comfort of home and a curated product box, we help you create an oral wellness routine that works.
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Be a smart mouth

Exceptional health is truly all about you. Our personalized style of oral care shows you how to spot underlying issues and solve problems to keep your mouth healthy and happy, improving your overall health.


How it works

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Tell us about your mouth

Do a quick at-home test and try some products to see what works

Connect with your hygienist

Discuss your results, get unique insights about your mouth

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Your custom box arrives

Get your products, routine, and hygienist for $39, every 90 days

Get started for free
Free for 30 days. Just cover $4.95 in shipping.

Built by your own hygienist

Our hygienists review your answers and pictures to customize your plan, provide you products, check your progress and stick by you. It's like nothing you've ever experienced in a dentist office.


Beautiful smiles, based on real science

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Using Wally will up your oral health game, resulting in fewer issues and it will potentially reduce trips to the dentist for dental work.
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Honestly, super easy to use, and comes with clear video instructions when it comes time to upload your pictures. Now I wait for the pros at Wally to take a look and tell me what's up!
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Does your gums bleed? Do you have dry mouth or sensitivity? If your answer YES to any of these questions, this is for you! Do the at-home test then a registered hygienist from @wallyhealth will customize dental products for YOU.
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It is frustrating doing everything right but still having an onslaught of dental issues. @wallyhealth specializes in at-home oral care - so you can take control of your dental hygiene from home.
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I had to stay diligent with my hygiene despite the pandemic. @wallyhealth saves the day 👍🏼 with an at-home check up and personalized care to ensure healthy teeth.
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Thank you @wallyhealth. Got the Wally test kit: saliva tests, plaque disclosing tablets, and cheek retractors.
Get started for free
Free for 30 days. Just cover $4.95 in shipping.
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