Our Care Team is available to everyone during COVID-19

Get your dental questions answered right from your home, for free. In case you need more urgent care or a prescription, we can connect you with one of our dentists for a small fee.
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Dentist office closed? Don't have a dentist? No dental insurance? We've got your back.
  • Ask us any dental question, any time. We'll respond within minutes. No cost, no strings attached, no kidding.
  • We can set up a virtual visit for you to meet "face to face" with a licensed dentist.
  • If needed, we can help coordinate an emergency visit to a dentist or specialist to get you healthy again.
  • Feel better and focus on something other than your teeth!

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Is your tooth sensitive to ice cream? Did a filling fall out? Chip a tooth? The Wally Care Team is ready to help!
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