2020 has been gloomy. There seem to be fewer smiles these days. Maybe it's the face masks hiding them ... or maybe it's because it's scary to go to the dentist.

Going to the dentist sucks. It can be surprisingly expensive. It's hard to find a dentist you trust. It's uncomfortable. It's inconvenient. And with Covid, is it even safe?

But going the dentist shouldn’t suck.

What if it was easy to prevent cavities? Get the dental care you deserve, based on your needs? Get your questions answered instantly over chat? Book quickly with nearby dentists? Access your records?

All while saving your money so you can invest it in yourself.

At Wally, we are making that happen. No more scammy insurance. No more paying full price. Period.

We are fighting for your smile so you can fight for the things you care about. After all, we have a lot to smile about – our future.
Love, Wally
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