When you feel your best, you smile confidently all the time. Our job is to make that easy and affordable.

What we do

Our team founded Wally with the belief that our oral care should be accessible and affordable. We hate that so many people deal with countless barriers to going in for regular dentist visits, and aren't empowered and informed on what to do at home in-between visits. This results in a reactive, more expensive treatment experience which doesn't just impact our oral health, it affects our overall health and wellbeing.

Wally at Home – our custom oral care solution - is reinventing this by providing patient-driven care, led by amazing hygienists and dentists. Because your bright, confident, and healthy smile starts at home.


Who we are

Our diverse team was brought together by each of our own personal experiences and struggles with oral healthcare. It turns out we weren’t alone - our mission brings amazing people, like you, to experience Wally every day.


Our clinical team

Sarah Clark, RDH
Dr. Kevin Walker, DDS
Iman Zayed, RDH